Canterbury District Local Plan

We’re consulting on the draft district vision and options for the new Local Plan.

The current Local Plan was put in place in 2017. It looks ahead to 2031 and is already being delivered. The new Local Plan looks to 2040 so that we can plan for more growth.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to get the views from as many people as possible. You can help shape the development of the district. Give us your views by 9am on Monday 9 August.

What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan sets the blueprint for the development of our district. It includes:

  • how and where new communities will be created to meet the need for new homes in our area
  • our plans for new jobs, supporting existing sectors and the growth of higher value jobs
  • strategies for the future of our city and town centres
  • changes in the local transport networks to address congestion and air quality
  • the key infrastructure, such as for education, health and water, needed to support growth
  • how developments are to be designed to address the impacts of climate change
  • our approach to protecting and enhancing the historic and natural environment.

What's the process?

Step one

The issues consultation

We want everyone to be involved in the process of creating the new Local Plan.

We held a public consultation on the issues facing the district between July and September 2020.

Early engagement helps identify the right priorities. It helps us get feedback from a wide range of people on the various options for sustainable growth across the district.

Step two

The vision and preferred options are prepared

Your feedback is used to help us develop the preferred options.

A draft vision is formed for the district and growth options are identified.

Step three

The draft Local Plan is formed

At this stage you can tell us if you have any concerns or suggestions about the proposals or allocations included in the draft Local Plan. You can also tell us how we can improve it.

We identify how the district will be developed and sites for this.

Step four

The version of the Local Plan we submit for examination is prepared

The feedback gathered will help us finalise the plan to submit for examination.

This version is then published for any comments on the soundness and legality before we submit it for examination.

Step five

Your local plan is adopted

Once the examination has finished we  get a report from the Inspector. There may be changes that need to be consulted on. After this, if the Inspector agrees the Local Plan we will adopt it.

Where are we in the process?

Our first consultation on the issues facing the district took place last year. We received over 9,000 comments from 445 individuals and organisations.

View a summary of the responses

This consultation on the draft vision and Local Plan options takes into account these responses, and the evidence we’ve been collecting. We are now seeking your views on how our district should grow and change over the next 20 years.

Following the options consultation, we’ll begin the process of preparing a draft Local Plan.

How can I get involved?

We've split the preferred options consultation into multiple sections to make it easier to follow.

You can browse through the sections to see the issues that came out of the first consultation and our evidence.

You can then send us your views on as many of these areas as you like, by using the options form at the bottom of each page.

If you need paper copies of the forms and supporting information, or in other formats like large print, Braille or other languages, please call 01227 862 178.

To see how we will use your data visit