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The preferred options consultation

We’ve split the preferred options consultation into multiple sections to make it easier to follow.

You can browse through the sections to see the issues that came out of the first consultation and the options for how to address them.

You can then send us your views on as many of these areas as you like, by using the options form at the bottom of each page. 

You can also read the technical evidence documents that helped inform the Local Plan. 

1. Draft vision and growth options

The first part of this consultation sets out a draft vision for our district, and options for where new growth should be focused.

Town centre Canterbury

2. Town centre strategies

The second section looks at draft strategies for our city and town centres, and how they should adapt and change in the future.

Newly built homes

3. Housing and new communities

The section focuses on how new communities are developed and the requirements of different households, looking at issues like design, infrastructure and low carbon housing.

Employment - Visit Canterbury

4. Employment and the local economy

This part looks at new commercial developments, opportunities for higer paid jobs and the development of our universities.

5. Town centres and local facilities

This section looks at how we can support and our local town centres, and manage development at out-of-town retail areas.

6. Movement and transport

The section covers topics such as active travel, zero emissions vehicles, parking standards and public transport.

Woods - Visit Canterbury

7. Historic and natural environment

The issues here include areas such as enhancing our heritage, important landscapes and protecting open space.

8. Sustainability appraisal

We have completed an assessment of all the issues and options to support the consultation.